Brokerage Administration Has Never Been Easier.

More often than not, the back office management of a brokerage becomes more and more complex with growth and experience. Commissions, billing, finances, a different application for each one, these can take too much time and lead to mistakes. Why not have everything in one place?

Find out how iBroker can simplify these processes and significantly reduce your administrative overhead.

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Streamlined Agent Billing

Creating monthly invoices, tracking expenses and fees for each agent can be challenging. To make matters worse, collecting from agents in a timely manner can be critical to covering your operating costs and investment initiatives.

Find out how iBroker can help your real estate brokerage streamline agent billing.

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Now Where Did I Put That?

Listings on the MLS. Transactions in Excel or a 3rd party app. Files and folders everywhere! Why not take advantage of a cloud-based application allowing easy listing and transaction management, keeping everything nice and neat in one place? Why not find what you’re looking for with a couple of clicks?

Find out how iBroker can put everything together into smart and efficient workflows.

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Never Lose a Penny

Posting a journal entry for every deposit & payment, generating monthly bills, A/R, writing cheques…Real Estate financial management can be a time intensive and mentally draining process that only gets worse as your brokerage grows.

Find out how iBroker can integrate with your accounting system so that you can keep track of every cent.

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See The Past, Plan For The Future

Your brokerage probably has an accounting app for finances, a database of contacts, a spreadsheet to track transactions and a MLS for Listings. Now try consolidating all of these data sources into a single report…yikes!

Find out how iBroker can put everything together into smart and efficient workflows.

Plan For The Future With Workflows

Who are you doing business with?

Your brokerage will work with outside buyers, sellers, escrow & title companies, lawyers and contractors. How quickly can you find and see what deals you’ve done with them?

Find out how iBroker can help you manage your contacts and track the work you do together.

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It’s Tax Time Again!

When the tax man comes a knocking, organization and ease of access will take the stress out of the dreaded audit. All the information you need is categorized, sorted and just a click away.

Find out how iBroker maintains crystal clear records of your business activities.

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